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TransactionsIP Services

Our main Intellectual Property Transaction Services include:

  • Patent Brokerage

  • Selling Patents

  • Patent & Technology Licensing

  • Patent Acquisitions

  • Other IP Brokerage

TransactionsIP Consulting Services

Our main Intellectual Property Consulting Services include:

  • Patent Valuation

  • IP Strategy

  • Assessment & Prioritization of IP Assets

  • Develop Action Plan for Transactions


TransactionsIP is a leading intellectual property patent brokerage and consulting firm offering a full range of services to individuals, small companies and large enterprises. TransactionsIP leverages client patents and technology to maximize their returns. TransactionsIP also provides IP strategy, and three affordable patent valuation services.  The Principals are Richard Ehrlickman and Tom Major who bring together over 50 years of industry, university, and start-up IP knowledge and experience, and have completed hundreds of transactions with all size corporations and individual inventors.  Whether it is patent brokerage services, valuation, consulting or other IP brokerage transactions we are the best patent brokerage firm and have the expertise to make your project a success.

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